bonusprint photo books are so easy to create. Once you get going with our editors, customising your photo books is super simple, and there are loads of great creative options at your fingertips. But if you’ve got hundreds and hundreds of photos you need to sift through before you even get going, and you haven’t begun to think about what will even make it into your book, getting started can be the trickiest part.

That’s why we’ve created these easy-to-follow guides on how to plan the perfect photo book. We’ve asked our team of copywriters and designers to share their know-how on everything from storytelling tips, to top design ideas that will help you get professional-looking photo books every time.

How to tell a story with your photo book

You don’t have to be a wordsmith to tell a great story – your photos can do the talking as well. Whether you want your snaps to do all the work or you need captions to paint a bigger picture, this guide will help you consider your theme, create a structure, and write text to match your pictures perfectly.


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Top design tips for your photo book

You don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to create a beautiful photo book. This how-to guide will help you think like a designer, with tips on choosing a colour scheme, to keeping things consistent, and on using our pre-designed assets like a pro.


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How to set up a workflow for your photo book

When you’ve thought about the story you want to tell and how you want your photo book to look, it’s time to get cracking. But rather than jumping straight into it without having your photos organised or knowing what style of book you’re going to create, it’s best to set up a workflow. When our designers are creating their own photo books, they think about each stage and plan how they’re going to tackle each one – kind of like a checklist. This guide will show you how they would work when starting a new project from scratch.


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How to create photo books for special events

Weddings, the birth of a little one, big anniversaries – life’s full of so many amazing events. So, when you want to celebrate something extra special, you’ll need your photo book to do it justice. This guide gives you simple tips on how you can use your photo book to document a huge milestone and even ways you can make your book a feature at the event itself.


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How to create the perfect travel photo book

With a photo book, you can experience those once-in-a-lifetime travel moments over and over again. We’ll show you how to display all your amazing travel photos, whether they’re from a six-month trek across South America or a short city break with the family.


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