Have you ever wondered how to make a photo book? Our online photo book editor is all you need to get started. Whether you are starting your personalised photo book from scratch or customising one of our pre-designed photo book templates, the online editor allows you to tell your story exactly as you like.

With so many features to take advantage of when creating your custom photo book, our YouTube channel is a fantastic way to learn the basics of how to make a photo book with our online editor. Packed with fun and informative videos, our 30-second ‘How to…’ series is a great place to start!

How to use the online editor: your questions answered

To make creating your photo book as enjoyable as it should be, we’ve answered your top three questions about our online photo book editor. For a great visual aid to your learning journey, check out these recommended ‘How to…’ videos from the bonusprint YouTube channel.

How to add text to a photo book

The beauty of a custom photo book is that it can be anything you want it to be. Whether it’s a special anniversary photo book or a personalised travel photo book, part of the fun is getting your creative juices flowing to tell a story through a blend of images and words.

With our easy-to-use online photo book editor, adding text throughout your book is simple. Just insert a text box onto your chosen page, select your favourite font from the drop-down menu, customise your size, colour and alignment – and that’s it! Your text is added. You can easily reposition your text at any time by clicking on the text box and dragging it to its new spot on the page.

In this video, we teach you how to add text to a photo book. Ready to unlock your creative potential?

How to save your photo book

With our online photo book editor, you can save your photo book project and work on it at your leisure. You’ll be asked to name your project the first time you save. Once you’ve given your photo book a name, it’s saved to the saved projects section in your account.

Return to your project whenever you feel inspired by simply logging in to your online account and heading to the online editor. You will find all of your uploaded images and the most recent version of your photo book. Exactly as you left it.

When working on your photo book, we recommend saving your project every few minutes by simply clicking the floppy disk icon in the top left corner of the editor. Don’t worry if you forget. You’ll receive a friendly reminder from the editor!

Discover how to save your photo book or save a copy of your project in our ‘How to…’ video, and never lose your project again.

How to edit or resize your images

When putting together your photo book, the chances are that your image library will contain a massive variety of photos in different sizes and differing levels of quality. This means that you will want to resize, edit, and crop your images to make sure every photo looks its best. Thankfully, resizing and editing your favourite pictures in your next photo book project is a breeze with our online editor.

Once your image is uploaded, click on the image to add it to the page. Play with the sizing or crop your picture by using the pointers on its side. You can adjust a cropped image by simply clicking in the middle of the image and dragging the picture to adjust the crop to the best fit.

In this video, we teach you how to resize and adjust your cropped images in the bonusprint online editor.

There you have it: your top three questions on using the online photo book editor, answered. Are you still looking for an answer to a question on how to make a photo book with bonusprint? Click here to see all our How-to videos on our YouTube channel and get ready to start creating!