We’re expecting the next year to show us a very interesting mix of forward looking futuristic patterns alongside a trend for classic design ideas from the last century.

Playful, multi-colour selections and gradients are definitely going to be hot trends in 2020, as will giving things a 3D feel. Minimalism continues to transcend from web design to printed matter and we’re very excited by some of the minimalist designs you’ll be able to choose from.

In this guide we’ve grouped together some of the most exciting graphic design trends that we’ve added to the bonusprint site to make your photo projects look brilliant.

Art Deco

It’s almost 100 years since the swinging 20s, and Art Deco is having a major resurgence in the design world – and it is here to stay. There’s never been a better time to create photo cards for your Great Gatsby-themed party. We have imagined some very classic new designs, playing with the opulence of gold, the high end artisan feel of hand lettering, and interesting and elegant angles of geometrical frames and patterns. Dark blues and brass shades will add an opulent touch to anything you create with this look.


Gold very rarely drops out of fashion – its glitter has bewitched mankind for millennia, and has always been a very popular feature on bonusprint designs. Until we can print real gold foils on your photo cards we’ll be offering you more variety in the gold designs and styles to choose from by being playful, making your photo even more of the hero and giving you the option to use a selection of subtle gold embellishments.


Minimal design has been in fashion in both online and print design for the past few years and it’s set to stay right at the forefront in 2020. Ensuring it has a modern twist, we’ve seen that the minimal trend is increasingly popular with our bonusprint customers thanks to the use of off white backgrounds, subtle geometric shapes and clean, san serif handwritten fonts. When you keep things minimal when you’re creating your photo projects, it really does showcase either full or multiple photo designs at their very best.


Our rustic design selections hark back to the mid 20th century and the trend is an incredible versatile choice for any of your photo projects. What makes it so successful is that it can also be playful, minimalistic or even botanical, all at the same time. Why change something that’s working we asked ourselves, so for the coming year we’ve simply added some new opportunities to our gallery. Make sure to have fun and play with the type selections and bright colours with your photos for the best results.


Last year’s Nordic range has been hugely popular among those of you creating amazing bonusprint photo projects over the past year. When we realised that, we thought we’d add more designs that fit the trend. Expect plenty of white, as well as neutral, tones, hand drawn geometric shapes and a great range of asymmetrical layouts to choose from. Be more Nordic with your photos in 2020!

Get creating

Now we’ve whet your appetite with what’s going to be hot in 2020, it’s time to start thinking about what photo projects you’re going to create. Whether it’s invites and photo cards, wall art or photo books, using any of the trends we’ve mentioned will ensure whatever you’re designing will be perfectly on trend.

start creating