Photograph typing machine

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a relaxing holiday! Looking back through all of the photos we had taken throughout the year made us realise how truly eventful it was! And, if you found yourself asking “Wow, where did the time go?”, then like us, you will also agree that 2015 simply flew by!

So, to make the most of the moments to come in 2016, we set ourselves a resolution to begin capturing our highlights each month. Monthly moments is our brand new year-long online photo project set by our snap-happy team of creatives. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture your daily experiences, no matter how big or small – and we’d like you to take part too!

Get involved in our photography share

1. Every month a new challenge will be revealed. This will be delivered in the form of a theme.

2. Take photos that are inspired by our monthly moment and upload them to your social media

3. Tag us in your photos using the hashtag #monthlymoments for a chance to be featured in our social media posts


#1: Resolutions

This month we are focusing on the theme of resolutions. It could be anything related to the spirit of new beginnings; a handwritten list, an image of you in action or even an inspirational photo of what you wish to achieve! Check out the photos from our team below for some ideas for the new year and on how to get started:

Photograph speed skating

Spend more time doing my favourite sport, speed skating! – Erica, designer


Photograph books and cat

Read more books. – Paula, designer


Photograph airplane wing

Travel more often. – Seraya, copywriter


Photo of dough roller and dough

Bake more homemade goodies! – Liz, content specialist


Photograph sunrise silhouette

Go for more morning runs (and catch more sunrises). – Rob, designer

Perhaps your resolution is to go on adventures, cook more at home or even to enjoy more sunsets! Either way, at the end of this year you will have an amazing collection of photographs that will hopefully inspire you to share with others. So whether you aim to create a photo book or even a wall art collage of your highlights, let’s make 2016 an unforgettable year!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to watch our year unfold! Keep an eye out every month for our blog photos and next month’s theme.


Until next time,

The Creative Team