It’s a familiar scenario: everyone’s everywhere and suddenly someone calls your name and SNAP!…Your picture has been taken.

Then there’s that moment of helplessness. Yet another unbecoming photo of you is in the hands of someone else.

If you’re nodding your head at this scenario then you’re in luck! You can become photogenic and kiss your camera blues goodbye with any one of these tips.


1. Determine your best angles

Yes, no one’s perfect. But everyone has a posture that produces attractive shots. Experiment with your mobile phone camera to find yours.

2. Try not to look directly at the camera

The camera can make you feel self conscious. Avoid it and you’ll look and feel calm and natural and that brings great results!

3. Lean slightly toward the camera

Achieve a slimmer you by leaning into the camera, at a slight angle. A bit difficult to do but it works!

4. Reduce the risk of double chins

Relax your shoulders by tilting your head up slightly. Hunched shoulders will ruin a photo quicker than bad lighting.

5. Accentuate your curves

The problem is the absence of curves. Create a little space between your arms and your body to accentuate your waist and hip.

6. Always position yourself at an angel

Stand at an angle. Avoid facing the camera dead on. Rule of thirds applies here.

7. Group photo tip

Ah, group photos. As unappealing as this sounds, it’s never a good idea to lean or slouch in a group shot. But if affection matters more to you, skip this tip.

8. Think of someone you love

If smiling at the camera is difficult for you, just think of the ones you love the most – you’ll be smiling beautifully before you hear CHEESE!

9. Curb your enthusiasm

This tip is for the bubbly and animated among you. When a camera comes out,  focus on holding one expression still until the camera is put away.

10. When in doubt, opt for the half smile

Smile… calmly. This leaves fewer angles for the camera to mess around with. Like this tip? Then it’s time to look for that mirror and practice.

11. Be Confident

Huh? Confident? Yes, as contradicting as this is, it is one of the most effective tips for an attractive shot. So abandon all your cares and just think ‘I am a goddess’ when facing the camera. The result will speak for itself.

12. Look for the right light

If you feel that you don’t look good on a photo, it’s usually because of the lighting. Early morning or late afternoon light produces the best results so aim for those times when your photo is to be taken.

13. If you have a big nose…

…that’s ever evident on your photos then worry not! Here’s a tip to the rescue. Position yourself at an angle that creates minimal shadows and minimal angles. Looking at the camera straight on often does the trick!

14. Never allow the camera to be lower than you

This is a no brainier.  Beware of those creeping cameras below your nose.

15. If all else fails – ignore the camera

Relax! It’s key when being photographed as you won’t make those sudden jerky movements, which deliver less-than-ideal results.

16. Avoid the clueless photographer

Nothing worse than a photographer who doesn’t know how to take great photographs no matter the subject.

17. Practice makes perfect

Allow everyone to take your photograph often. The more you get used to it the more comfortable you’ll be and the better results you’ll get. Plus, there’s the added bonus of knowing what angles work best for you!

All tips are taken from Natalie’s blog post which debunks the myth that being photogenic is just for the lucky few.