little moments tips

Think about it. Parties, holidays and other ‘big’ events are obvious photo opportunities, but it’s actually life’s ‘little moments’ that make up the biggest part of our lives. With this in mind we’ve put together some simple tips to help you appreciate the smaller things in life. And take some great photos of them while you’re at it.

Create photo opportunities

Head out for a walk once a week with the purpose of taking some photos. Or perhaps make a point of photographing at least one thing a day.

little moments tips 1

Use your phone

It’s always in your pocket and most phones have good cameras these days so use it whenever you get a chance. Read our tips on smartphone photography to get the most out of your snaps.

little moments tips 2

Review your photos

Make any edits while the original shot is still in mind or take another while there’s still a chance. You don’t want to look back on a moment and feel like you missed it.

little moments tips 3

Print your images

After taking the photos don’t let them sit in your camera roll for months. Download the latest version of our app for an easy way to create and order prints. Do it straight away before you have a chance to forget.

little moments tips 4

Create a photo display

There’s no better way to be reminded of all the amazing things in your life. A photo collage, wall hanging or one of these creative ideas will ensure you appreciate life’s little moments every single day.

little moments tips 5

Share your photos

Once you’ve printed your photos, share them with friends and family. This will make the little moments even more special for you and for those you’ve shared them with.

little moments tips 6

Hopefully with the help of these tips you’ll never miss out on the little things again. For more photo tips, click here.