There’s a photo book creation route for everybody. If you’re the creative type who loves choosing every little detail yourself, create your book from scratch. For fast and easy photo book creation, you can race through it with Smart Assistant. When you need a helping hand with the design, our amazing pre-designed photo books are super simple to customise.

If you’re already a fan of our pre-designed books, then you’ll love our theme layouts for the Mac editor. Just like our pre-designed books, the page design’s done for you – that’s everything from backgrounds to image composition and text styles to illustrations – however, you don’t have to use the same theme throughout your book. With theme layouts for our Mac editor, you can mix and match as many design styles as you like in one book.

Where to find a layout you’ll love

Head to the bonusprint photo book editor you downloaded for your Mac. You’ll find our theme layouts listed under ‘My layouts’ and ‘bonusprint layouts’. Scroll through the list of categories to find a layout you love – we’ve got you covered for a range of themes, including travel, yearbook, wedding, and baby. We’re always adding to this list too, so keep checking back to find our latest designs.

How to create your photo book with a theme layout

Creating your photo book with our theme layouts is easy. Follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Use the left and right arrows in the theme layouts panel to browse through the designs. When you find what you’re looking for, click the download button.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the layout, you’ll find two versions of it saved under a category name; one design for a single page, and one design for a double-page spread. Click the page or spread button to decide between the two.
  3. To add the layout you like to your photo book, either drag it onto the page or spread, or click ‘Apply’ in the bottom right. Quick tip: you can apply a theme layout to an empty page or a page you’ve already added photos to.
  4. When you’ve added the theme layout, you can customise it as much or as little as you like.

Get inspired to create your next photo book

Now you know how to add your layouts, which style will you choose? There’s already a great selection of themes to try out. Explorers, you’ll love our travel layouts. Magazine-style designs and Nordic colour schemes are ideal for a clean and minimal look that’ll let your photos do the talking. They each have text boxes to help you balance your image captions with your travel shots, so you can relive every step of your last journey.

Newlyweds, brides or grooms-to-be, and couples that have already shared a lifetime of amazing moments, our wedding category is ideal for reliving your big day. Whether you choose a chic black and white layout or keep it classical, you’ll create the perfect keepsake to look back on together.

To create a book of all your kids’ adventures, check out our baby, children, and celebration categories. There are loads of colourful and playful designs with bags of personality, just like your little ones, so you’ll find the perfect design to show off all those cheeky grins and giggles.

Now you’re all set to play around with our theme layouts. Head to our Mac editor, select which bonusprint photo book you want to create, then get selecting a layout style to show off your snaps.

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