Once a year, Father’s Day is celebrated globally but especially in the US, Canada, China, India and the UK. The actual date varies from country to country but in the UK, Father’s Day is generally the third Sunday in June which, this year, is the 19th and in 2012, the 17th.

Mothering Sunday goes back to the days of the Romans and is a tradition that was developed by the Christian church in the 16th Century. In contrast, Father’s Day is a tradition that is barely a hundred years old; cynically, it is said that a famous greetings card company created Father’s Day simply to sell more cards, but that is not the case; the special day was established to recognise that fathers also play an important role in the life of a child above simply being the breadwinner. Today, of course, it’s often the case that mothers and fathers both earn money for the family and both take personal care of the children.

Giving a special, unique gift on Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for children to show how much their father means to them; that their father is loved for providing more than financial stability and, although a nice home and holidays are always appreciated, it is being a parent, a father, a dad who is there when needed, that really matters most.

It is not the cost of the Father’s Day gift that matters to many Dad’s, but the personal effort involved in creating the gift. A hundred years on from when the first Father’s Day was honoured, there is now a spectrum of amazing Father’s Day gifts available in stores and, of course, online. Invariably, Fathers do not wish for their children to spend a small fortune on gifts but even the most undemanding father would appreciate a personalised greetings card with a digital snapshot of their son or daughter or grandchildren. Further up the price range is a printed canvas that will create a Father’s Day to be remembered and cherished every day. Another personalised gift is the photo book which contains beautifully presented personal photos printed as if in a real book. Personalised photo books are wonderful gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers alike.

It is said that it’s “he thought that counts” and there is no doubt that a personalised greetings card, a photo printed on canvas, or a photo book full of cherished memories, are thoughtful gifts that will mean a great deal to all fathers and grandfathers on Father’s Day. It should also be remembered that choosing a gift for your father can be a fair bit trickier when compared to picking out a gift for your mother.

Many fathers would be embarrassed to receive a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates on Father’s Day, and would no doubt pass the gift swiftly on to their other half. Therefore, a personalised photo card, printed photo canvas or photo book shows love from a child in a way that fathers can accept without impacting on their “natural manly role”.

Giving fathers a personalised greeting card with a unique image, complemented by a printed canvas for hanging on the wall or a beautifully presented photo album, will ensure that this year’s Father’s Day is one that truly demonstrates the level of love most children feel but do not always show for their Fathers.