Planning to organise a get-together and looking for a great way to invite everyone? Why not make your own invitations? Boring? No way! Because with a card you’ve made yourself you set the tone for the evening! What do you have in mind? Retro, classic, hip or artsy? At bonusprint it’s your party.

Truth be told, invitations are not just for big events. After all, for something as simple as a dinner get-together, a personal invitation has the biggest effect. Or as they say: an impressive entrance determines the success of the evening… For every party or occasion, you set the tone when you make your own invitations!

A few occasions that call for invitations:
• Housewarming party: With a photo of your new home. Or maybe your old one. Or how about the couch you couldn’t bear to move again…
• Baby shower – use the first echo – that’s so special!
• Wedding invitation: Choose the silliest or most beautiful photo of the two of you together.
• Dinner party – Have you been on holiday? Invite your friends for a get-together! “Come enjoy a Mexican meal at my place” (or Indian, Thai, tapas, or another special favourite…)
• Birthday party – Make a great invitation with an old photo of yourself when you were little.
• Anniversary party – married 50 years? 25 years at the company? Your company’s 10th anniversary? Invite people to celebrate with invitations you make yourself. Choose a photo of the first workday, the first time on holiday, the opening of the new building.
• Masked ball – or any other kind of theme party! Invite your guests and get them in the mood beforehand.

Make invitations, that’s nicer than an e-mail
And let’s be honest, a card in the mail is still more special than a message via Hyves or Facebook. Right? So make your invitations yourself and warm up your special guests in your own style!

Making invitations yourself?
Choose your favourite, silliest or most beautiful photo and decorate it with frames, masks and clipart. Add your own text and you’re finished! Get started making your invitations now. Use the free program from bonusprint to make your invitation and start now.

We hope your occasion will be all you hoped it would be!