We’ve learnt about the process that Mama Margaritha goes through when making a photo book so now it’s time to see the finished product.

Below she shows us what she has created, where she displays it and why she loves creating photo books with bonusprint.

Q. Your photo book is looking great. Can you comment on the quality of the product?

A. It feels heavy to hold and I like that a lot. It feels strong, great quality and like something you will want to keep for a long time and also have on display in your house. I love the printing and even though I picked the largest album, the images were still sharp and on point.

The image quality is so good. The pages are smooth and clean. It just feels like something really special that we’ll treasure as a family.

Q. Which special features did you use?

A. I went for the full photo cover. I love the effect of a full photo cover, especially when you have it on display in your home. It’s a really lovely feature.

Q. Why do you love creating photo products?

A. All I can think about when making photo books is what will my children think of them in about 15 or 20 years. I really hope they will love looking at the photo books we’ve made when they reach adulthood. That is the thing I most think about when making a photo book! So they better like them, haha.

Q. What do you do with your photo book once it’s finished?

A. It ends up on our dresser or on the coffee table. Or just under the flowers on the dining table. That will change every week. But it stays in sight, because I love to show it off to friends and family!

Q. Finally, have you ever used our mobile app to create a product?

A. YES! I did use it a couple of months ago. I did not use it this time because all the photos I used were on my computer but the mobile app works really fast. You can make your photo book in literally 15 minutes. I liked in particular the fact I could select my photos from social media, for example my Instagram and then just pop them into an photo book. I’ll definitely be using it again!”

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