Some of us only stay together for 50 days, but others manage 50 years. That is truly something to be proud of. Wonderful!

Thousands of couples get married every day. The record for the longest marriage ever is currently held by Philiposa and Sosamma Thomas of India. Last year they had been married for 86 years and 128 days. (Many people never even live this many years.)

But the longest married couple still alive today is without a doubt Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of North Carolina. In celebration of Valentine’s Day last year they posted their personal relationship tips to Twitter account @longestmarried. She is currently 102 and he is 104. They were married 86 years ago. Marriage heroes, we at bonusprint would say.

Their secret? Giving each other plenty of space. They go to church separately on Sunday, for example, and say they both wear the pants in their relationship. Good tip.

Once you’ve been together for 50 years, you’ve been through a lot together. This couple’s turbulent lives include the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Great Depression, 15 presidents, the first man on the moon, the invention of the vacuum cleaner, and flying as if you were taking the bus. And now they’ve even learned to use Twitter.

Innumerable memories that you share if you’ve been married for 50 years. Such precious memories should be cherished and remembered.

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