Meet the Smiths; mum Susie, dad John, little Emma, grandma Barbara and of course, Freddie the dog. They’ll be celebrating together this Christmas and finding some pretty big surprises under the tree, because all of them – including their furry friend – will be getting a personalised Christmas gift. They created these themselves on the bonusprint website and we took care of the rest. So now the gifts are under the tree and all that’s left to do is unwrap them.

Meet busy mum, Susie

The centre of the Smith family and the glue that holds them all together – meet Susie. A real busy bee and a true perfectionist, she runs a tight ship. Her husband John knows how important perfect planning is to her, but between her weekly yoga classes, pottery course and dinners with her friends she barely has time to stop. So, this Christmas he’s made her a personalised photo calendar in the bonusprint app. Full of family photos and already filled in with birthdays and important family dates that he copied from her diary. So thoughtful!

Meet friendly dad, John

A family man with the biggest heart, John is the one you go to when you’ve got a problem. There’s nothing he can’t do, but his favourite role is dad. Playing with Emma, walking Freddie, or tinkering with his next passion… classic cars. Yes, really! Nothing makes him happier (or prouder) than his family, so Susie has created a pre-designed photo yearbook of Emma, highlighting their best moments from 2020. John won’t stop smiling this Christmas.

Meet energetic Emma

Ka-pow! That’s Emma. Running around the house dressed as her favourite superhero. From a Power Puff Girl or Lumberjane to Superman – Emma reads comics, watches cartoons and saves puppies and friends from the hands of wretched crooks. All in a day’s work. Her personalised Christmas gift this year? A pre-designed photo book that sparks her vivid imagination and makes her the hero in her own comic. Dad took the pictures and little did she know she’d be starring in her very own adventure.

Meet the world’s best granny, Barbara

If only we could all have a granny like Barbara. The Smiths are lucky enough to have their granny living with them – a shoulder to cry on, an ear for all their problems and a cheeky twinkle in her eye. She loves spending time in the garden, growing her own veg and then cooking up delicious dinners for all the family. So coming up with the perfect present for granny wasn’t hard – she’ll be unwrapping a seasonal cookbook with photos from her garden and recipes to match. Of course, the book will feature pics of grandma Barbara in action.

Meet family dog, Freddie

Freddie is the man of the house. At least, that’s what he thinks. This four-legged troublemaker is cute, curly and cuddly. When he’s not keeping little Emma company inside, you’ll find him running around the garden, taking long walks and barking at everyone that will listen. Specific interests? Bones, balls and food (any food). This year, there’s a personalised Christmas gift under the tree for Freddie, too – a piece of wall art to hang above his dog bed. And the best part for Freddie? He can unwrap the gift himself. You can probably guess how much he loves chewing things he’s not supposed to.

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