Bokeh photography header

The word ‘bokeh‘ derives from the Japanese for ‘blur’ or ‘haze’, and in photography describes the out of focus parts of photos. In other words, it’s the blurry bits in the back of a photograph. Often taking on a sparkly quality, what better time to practice bokeh photography than the sparkliest time of year? December! With that in mind this month’s monthly moments theme is bokeh photography. Look below for some inspiration and as always, tag your pics with #MonthlyMoments #albelli so we can see you’re lovely photos.

Bokeh photography cafe

Standing on the outside looking in gives this photo an inviting feel. We’d love to be in that café with a hot drink.

Bokeh photography nature

Make the most of natural light reflections next time you’re walking in the park.

Bokeh photography christmas

The coloured lights on this Christmas tree make the image extra striking.


Try and capture an object in the foreground of your image. It will give your photo a focal point.

Before you head out to take your own why not check out our tips for capturing the best bokeh photography? Once you’ve mastered the technique the unique images will be the perfect subject for a photo book.