food photography

As the evenings draw in it provides the perfect opportunity for hanging out at home and getting creative in the kitchen. Taking photos of your delicious meals will provide some mouth-watering results so read on to get inspired…


food photography 3

Lots of peoples best memories are made around the dinner table with friends so get the camera out mid-meal and capture the action. ‘Top down’ photographs like this one give a sense of the overall atmosphere.


food photography 4

Taking photos of brightly coloured ingredients in natural light is a great way of illustrating what goes into your food. We love the striking green hue in this image that makes simple spinach look so delicious.


food photography 2

When you’re taking photos of the finished product, position it in a natural way and use some extra props like some flowers or a book. These pancakes are making us hungry just looking at them.


food photography 1

Once you’ve put these tips into action why not put all your food photography together in a photo book to create a very personal recipe book? It’s a lovely way to share meal ideas with your friends and family.