Outdoor adventure ski

The next stop on our #MonthlyMoments journey is the theme “Outdoor Adventures”. Whether you are heading to the slopes or enjoying the first signs of the new season, we’d like to see! Be it a smile, a moment, a sunset or even a building, what images show off your winter/spring activities? Of course, we just couldn’t resist sharing our snaps to inspire you. Have a look below at some of our photos and be sure to share yours too:


Outdoor adventure storm

I shot this photo with my iPhone. I loved the contrast.”  – Karl, Country Manager Belgium


Outdoor adventure walk

“I took this photo in the Lake District in England. It was a cool, windy day but the walk was worth it for the view!” – Liz, Content Specialist


Outdoor adventure snow

“I took this photo in the Hague. The white and icy landscape, combined with the icy blue, clear skies is a rare view these days that I had to capture.” – Ivo, SEO Marketer


As the days get brighter, we’d love to see what new adventures you are getting up to! We’re only three months into the year, but it’s already so amazing to look back at our January and February editions to see what we’ve been up to and how exciting it was. We can wait to turn them into a ‘best of 2016’ photo book, wall art or perhaps even a calendar!

What will you create with us? Share your ideas in the comments section below! Why not create a book on the go? With our new smartphone app, you can snap, select and order a soft cover photo book from the top of a mountain on in the middle of a blossoming field! Wherever you are, follow the hashtag #MonthlyMoments on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and don’t forget to share your beautiful photos.