street photography

Street photography is a great way to get creative with angles, lighting and people. It’s hard to define but it’s essentially about documenting everyday life and recording unexpected moments. The most compelling and powerful images are often of a subject you’re unfamiliar with and taken in the street.

They don’t need to be shot in the street though, you can also take great street photography at places like the airport, the supermarket, the beach or on public transport. It also doesn’t have to feature a person, but the best street photography generally does.

Whether you’re taking a walk around your well-trodden neighbourhood, or pounding the pavements in a brand new city, get out and about and start snapping. We’ve got some tips on taking the best photos you can in a city so have a look if you need some ideas. Then whatever photos you take, share them with #MonthlyMoments and #albelli on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And in the meantime, check out some street photography below for inspiration:

street photography 1

Everyday objects can still look striking against the right background


street photography 2

Close up portraits always make a big impact


street photography 3

Playing with angles and reflections will create interesting results


street photography photo tips 4

Our resident photographer Paula took this photo while out and about in Cologne


Pretty cool, huh? Why not turn your favourite image into some striking wall art in your home?