We know how hard it can be to pick just one photo to display on your wall, that’s why we’ve introduced our brand new mosaic grid layout.

This striking new wall art layout is perfect for printing your Instagram photos or displaying lots of photos from one special event like a wedding or party.

The symmetrical design looks clean and stylish and will make displaying lots of photos easier than ever.

Read our simple tips for creating your own mosaic wall art below…

Step 1: Choose your material

Once you have gone to the bonusprint website, click on ‘wall art’ and choose the material you prefer, but keep in mind that our mosaic grid layout is only available on mounted prints, Aluminiumprints and Acrylic prints.


Step 2: Choose your size

You need to select a square format because the mosaic grid only works on squares. You can choose any size you want but if you are planning on using lots of photos, make a bigger wall art to avoid it looking crowded and messy. Then click create now.


Step 3: Pick your photos

Once the online creator tool has opened you can upload your photos. Pick photos that look coherent together. We love it if they are in a similar colour scheme or all from the same day and tell a story.


Step 4: Select mosaic grid

In the left sidebar, select the ‘Layouts’ tab and then select the ‘Mosaic grid’ option from the drop-down menu.


Step 5: Choose how many photos

You can feature between four and 81 photos! Because of the square format the options are: four photos (2 x 2), nine photos (3 x 3), 16 photos (4 x 4), 25 photos (5 x 5), 36 photos (6 x 6), 49 photos (7 x 7), 64 photos (8 x 8) or 81 photos (9 x 9).


Step 6: Create

Drag your photos on to the wall art in any order that you like. Then all that’s left to do is order.


You’ll never be stuck for what photo to choose again… Now you can display them all!

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Want some more inspiration? Read our tips for displaying wall art to get some ideas for where and how to hang it in your home.

Once you have your wall art up in your home, take a photo of it and share it with us on Instagram using the #mybonusprint hashtag. You could be featured on our blog and win a £30 voucher to spend on all our products.