Have a girlfriend whose birthday is coming up? And still don’t have a birthday gift? (no, not bubble bath or a trip to the sauna again). Here’s our solution: you’ve known each other so long that you must have a lot of photos of the two of you. Right? Then do something nice with them! Make a personal birthday gift for your friend with photos of fun times and meals you shared together. You’ll enjoy giving it as much as she enjoys receiving it. And you’ll have a great time making it too! That’s where the fun begins.

Birthday gift for a girlfriend… what should I make?
A great birthday gift would be a photo book of your last holiday together. Add humorous text (‘and then she said…’), use your own photos as backgrounds and add great effects.

And if you really want to give your girlfriend a chic birthday gift? Put her favourite photo on canvas. Success guaranteed! Another great idea: friendship photo book with all your craziest moments together.

You’ve known each other a long time. Haven’t you?
If you’ve known each other so long, it really isn’t difficult to make a birthday present for your girlfriend yourself. Where have the two of you been together? Go through all the photos on your telephone or computer again and surprise your girlfriend with a personal birthday gift!