When you’re creating wall art, there’s no need to choose just one photo. With our wall art layouts you can choose up to 81 photos to feature and we’ve just introduced some brand new layouts that will make creating beautiful wall art even easier. Like our mosaic grid wall art, these new layouts let you feature multiple photos on one piece and will turn your photographs into a genuine work of art.

The round layout

Choose 25 of your favourite photos and display them on an Acrylic, Aluminium or mounted print wall art. Circles are a great way to soften the look of your living space, so a circular wall art layout will bring a calming feel to your room.

The scattered mosaic

With our scattered mosaic layout you can use a variety of photos in different shapes and sizes, giving more focus to your favourites. We love this layout for photos from an event like a wedding. You can put your best photo from the day in the middle in the largest size and have other photos around it, conveying the atmosphere of the day.

The full bleed mosaic

Our full bleed mosaic means that your photos will go right to the edge of your wall art, leaving no white space at the edges. Perfect if you believe that more is more and like showing off as many photos as possible.

The regular mosaic

Use our unique layouts to display multiple photos together on your wall art. You can further customise it by adjusting the colors and backgrounds. Ideal for displaying all your holiday photos.Tempted to try out our new wall art layouts? Then create a wall art and choose one that will suit your needs. And if you want to inspire your family and friends, share this blog post on social media using the icons below.