bonusprint customers now receive a free online version of their new photobook with every order.

Customers ordering any of bonusprint’s range of photo books, instantly get sent a link via email for a special version of their product online.

This is the best bit: the link can then be shared with friends and family no matter where they are in the world! The new feature allows customers to publish their new photo book on Facebook, Twitter or any personal or professional weblog. Even friends and family can also add their own comments once they’ve viewed it.

Users can post the online photo books on websites where they choose their friends, it means they decide who sees the contents of their photo book and no one else.

The widget is also a fantastic tool for professional photographers to use as a new service for their clients to view their portfolio, or to share with their clients whilst they are awaiting their photo book delivery.

The team here at bonusprint are thrilled to offer this free extra service with every order and we predict it will be a very popular new feature for our customers.

Hope you like our tip, so get busy bringing those photos to life and start sharing your creations now!

Click here to read the step-by-step bonusprint guide to sharing.

The bonusprint Team