It might not come as a surprise, but a lot of the photo books that you guys make with us are often to commemorate a wedding, birthday, or holiday. We love making them, but it got us thinking about other things we make photo books for. We asked around our teammates, had a look at some of our customers’ creations, and chatted to our friends to collect these alternative bonusprint photo book ideas.

Puppy’s first birthday

Pets! Of course! We’re all obsessed with our pets, and so many of us get creative with the hundreds of photos that we seem to take of them on a daily basis. Whether you’ve got a brand-new pet, or one that’s been your best friend for years, why not fill a photo book with all of their adorable photos too? You could even start a series of birthday books for them, add all their highlights from the year, and then wrap it up with the little birthday bash you throw for your four-legged friend – because let’s be honest, we’ve all thrown a puppy party.

Your favourite hobbies

A hobby is something you do for the love of it, so creating a photo book of you enjoying yours is a great idea. We’ve come across a few fishing fanatics creating photo books, especially when they make a weekend out of it with their friends. If you’re just as enthusiastic about angling, you could capture the amazing fishing locations you visit, add all your big catches and near misses too, and caption your images with your favourite fishy tales.

Displaying your children’s artwork

If you’re running out of room for another doodle on your fridge door, create a photo book full of your kids’ artwork. You can scan all of their best drawings and paintings, and simply drop them into the pages of your book in our editor. Then you can take a picture of your mini Picasso hard at work on their next masterpiece, add it to a custom photo cover, et voilà, you’ve created their very first art book.

Sharing inside jokes with your best friend

When you’ve been best friends for years, you’re bound to share loads of inside jokes together, so what could be a better subject for a best friends’ book than the things that make you both laugh? This was one photo book idea that really made us smile; two friends collecting faces found in everyday objects.

Bringing adventures to your back garden

Little family moments are just as important as those big get-togethers and getaways. If your travel plans changed this year, and you had to put off that dream family holiday, bring the adventure to your doorstep instead. When you’ve got animal fans in the family, go on a mini safari in the garden. If the kids or grandkids are born explorers, get the camping gear out and capture every cosy moment for your photo book.

Changing of the seasons

As we make our way through the seasons, the changing colours in nature make great subjects for a photo book. Whether you’ve captured your local neighbourhood or headed out to somewhere more rural, you could make your book like a colour chart, starting with crisp white winter, then moving into bright spring greens, blue summer skies, then wrapping it up with autumn reds and yellows.

Capturing your theme park trips

We’ve got quite a few thrill seekers who love nothing more than going to a theme park on a sunny day. If your family’s been ticking off as many theme parks as possible too, then why not get creative with your snaps? You could put your favourite big rollercoaster on the cover for bragging rights, and then fill the pages with all those mid-ride photos you bought on the day.

Tracking your DIY journey

Since we’ve been spending more time at home, lots of us have been tackling a few DIY jobs around the house. However, the more ambitious amongst us have taken on full renovation projects and documented every stage with our cameras. Whether you’ve ripped out a kitchen, started a new home from scratch, or just given your space a spruce-up, show off all your hard work in a photo book to look back at how far you’ve come at home.

Create a throwback travel book

Road trips haven’t been what they once were this summer, so lots of us have been getting creative with old adventure shots instead. If you’ve missed out on a big expedition as well this year, why not go through your boxes of photos and your camera rolls, then make a compilation photo book of all the best bits from your past travels?

We hope these ideas inspired by the bonusprint team, our customers, and photography-loving friends have given you some new subjects for your next photo books. Whether it’s for you or as a gift for friends and family, it couldn’t be easier to create a photo book. Just click the button below and get creating.

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