We came across this canvas print by artist Niki Pilkington when she shared it with us on Twitter. Although we often see beautiful photos printed on our canvas prints, it’s not often we see something as unusual and interesting as this! Just as easily as selecting your favourite photo to put on a canvas to decorate your walls, you can also upload any other image – your child’s drawing or a piece of artwork can look truly professional when printed on canvas.

Because we were utterly intrigued by Niki’s work, we decided to ask her a few questions about how this lovely canvas print came to be…

What is the inspiration behind your illustration?
“The illustration is part of my newest series called ‘Glorious Truths’ a combination of girls, animals and words. The inspiration behind most of my work is fashion and the girls that wear it, but this time round it’s got a little bit a nature thrown in.”

What was this illustration used for?
“This illustration along with the rest of the series was created for ‘Pick Me Up’ an annual art fair held at Somerset House, London. I was one of 20 selected artists to exhibit at the event, and it (alongside the other 5 in the series) was sold as an original 3D piece in a box frame.”

What materials do you use to create your work?
“I create using a combination of Derwent pencils, pens, fine liners, high lighters, felt tips, markers, coloured pencils and collage -Basically all the stuff you’d find in a kids pencil case. The brighter the better if you ask me – if you have colour, I believe you should use it!” See more of Niki’s work.

Where will you hang the canvas?
“The canvas will be hung in my studio for now (that’s if it’s not been stolen by then…it’s had quite a few admirers!!)” – We can see why!