You spoke and we listened. Thanks to your suggestions, albelli’s Photo book Creator tool now has more creative flexibility with these new features (upgrading it to version 7.4). Read on and find out what’s new and what you can now do…


1. Rotate text easily

rotate text-photo book creator

It’s now possible to freely rotate your text as you would your photos (and this wasn’t possible before). Just use the green dot that appears on top of your text box and rotate away.


2. Save your preferred font face

save font as default-photo book creator

You no longer need to spend time looking for your favourite font for your text. Once you enter text in your preferred font , just click ‘Set as default’ as seen in image above. Your preferred text settings (colour, size and type) will immediately be saved and applied throughout your entire photo book. After closing the Photo book Creator, your preferred text font will still be saved for your next book project.


3. Save your preferred layout out designs as favourites

product detail shot-save your favourite design-Photo book Creator

No need to keep searching for that designs you like – just go to ‘Insert’, click on ‘Frame’, Mask, or Clipart, select the specific design you wish to save and click on the star icon (as shown in image above). This automatically saves the design in a ‘Favourite’ folder (see image below), which can be found on the top of the drop down  menu per design category.

product detail shot-favourite design folder-photo book creator


4. Rotate without altering the size of your photo

product detail shot-rotate photo & retain size-photo book creator

Previously, rotating a photo in your book meant shrinking its original size to fit the green frame but now that’s been solved. You can now rotate away without changing its actual size.


5. Auto fill has improved

product detial shot-rimproved autofill-photo book creator

We’ve upgraded our Auto fill option by giving it more playful layout options than before.


6. The tab ‘Select’ is now in a different spot

product detial shot-selection tab moved-photo book creator

We had a lot of feedback from customers who found the location of the ‘Selection’ tab somewhat confusing – so we replaced it! You’ll know know which photos you’ve actually used by looking for photos with the green checked icons.


7. Save the layout without the designs

product detail shot-save the layout without design elements-photo book creator

Previously, saving how photos are laid out on a page would mean saving the designs used on that page as well (see right page of the image above). Now you can save just the layout (see right page of the image below) – handy, if you want to apply consistent layout throughout your book. To do this, just click on the page layout you like > click on the ‘Page’ tab > and then click ‘Save Current Layout’.

 product detial shot-save the layout without design-photo book creator


8. Mirror page button has a new name

product detial shot-mirror layout rename-photo book creator

The button that was formerly called ‘Mirror page’ is now changed to ‘Mirror layout’ and is in a different place (see picture below). The functionality has not changed, only the name.

We’re always on the look out to find ways of making your photo book creating experience with albelli even better so if we’ve missed anything, or if you feel there’s a way to make things easier we’d be curious to know so do drop your comments or suggestions below.

Until the next Photo book Creator update – enjoy creating your photo book and do make use of all the creative options that are waiting to be discovered!