Photo book creator tool update auto layouts

Our brand new Windows creator tool feature makes creating a photo book easier than ever.

The automatic layout option that we have just added makes it so simple for you to fill your book with as many photos as you like. Up to 10 per page to be exact! It will automatically arrange your pictures on the page so they look their best.

We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of using auto layouts so you can make the most out of this new feature.

Get started

Download the Windows creator tool if you don’t already have it and then open the creator tool.

Photo book creator tool update get started

Turn it on

Go to the pages tab and choose the auto layout ‘on’ option. If you’ve just downloaded the creator tool for the first time, the feature will be automatically switched on.

Photo book creator tool update turn it on

Start creating

Drag and drop images onto the page and watch as they are automatically ordered into a layout. When there is no white space left on the page, use the blue ‘drag and drop’ zones at the side and your photo will be added to the page.

Photo book creator tool update start creating

Switch photos

Want to switch the position of photos on the page? Just click the double arrow icon underneath an image and then click the photo that you want to switch positions with.

Photo book creator tool update switch photos

Have complete editing freedom

Forgot a photo? Don’t worry! While auto layouts are on, you can continue to add or remove photos to the page until you are happy with the way the photos rearrange to fill the page. You can always move photos, resize them, or crop them.

Your photos will snap automatically in an aligned position to make it even easier but you can always hold down the shift key to disable the snapping feature. A new layout will be created only when you add or remove a photo from a page.

Photo book creator tool update edit


Try out different layouts! Just click the ‘random shuffle’ button next to the auto layouts switch. The shuffle feature also allows you to shuffle within a certain style of layouts or between styles.

Photo book creator tool update shuffle

Apply the same layout everywhere

Want the same layout style for all your pages? Click the ‘styles’ button next to the ‘random shuffle’ button and click ‘apply to all pages’.

Photo book creator tool update layouts

download the editor

To find out more about the new feature we had a chat with bonusprint’s resident creator tool expert, Sue Li.
What made you develop this feature?

One of the biggest challenges of creating a photo book is putting all your photos on the page in a nice layout. Sometimes you might have over 100 photos in your photo book! You could do this one photo at a time, but we know that this takes some of our customers a long time, so we wanted to help customers finish their books by quickly filling up pages.

How will this new feature make creating photo books easier for our customers?

Through user research we found many users did not like “auto filling” their book because they wanted to be able to control the photos they added to the page. Automatic layouts on the page level is a nice balance between saving time and still letting our customers customise each and every page.

You always have the option to turn it off and on when you are working. While working on auto layouts, we also improved the layout styles so it was easier to shuffle through layouts to discover new ones.

What’s your favourite part of the new feature?

I’m not very organised with my photos and they are usually from different sources, including my camera, mobile phone, and Facebook. I like that even if I forgot to add a photo to a page (or want to remove it later on), I don’t need to redo the whole layout by myself. The creator tool will automatically adjust the layout, no matter where the photo comes from.

Photos from all sources will work in automatic layouts. I can drag and drop them from my file browser on my computer or from the social media photo browser in the creator tool.

If you’ve been putting off creating a photo book of all your favourite moments, now might be the time to do it. Our new feature makes it easier than ever to create layouts and ensure your photo book looks its best. Start creating your photo book now.