If you’re anything like us, you have hundreds of photos on your phone. Some you share on social media, but others you want to do something more with.

We decided to ask around the office to discover the best photo book ideas to make with the pics on your phone. To help inspire you, we’ve put together a collection of the top five ideas below.

So what’s the great news? You can now quickly create these books using our new smartphone app! It’s so easy and fun to use! Just load photos from your phone into the app, and position them with a simple flick of your finger.


#1 Food

food photo book ideas

Gather all the photos from your culinary adventures and turn them into a real page-turner. Your favourite restaurants, mum’s cooking, a dish of the week, posh nosh or whatever tickles your taste buds! They’ll all make a very delightful book.


#2 Travel

Whether far-flung or close to home, when we travel, we can’t help but snap up every moment on our phones. Tell the story of your journey, one beautiful image at a time. And give a copy of your book to all your travel companions!


#3 Best Instagram pics

Instagram photo book ideas

Are you a bit of an Instagram addict? The built-in features do such amazing things with your photos. Why not gather them all up into one unique Instagram photo book?


#4 Festivals

festival photo book ideas

Music festivals are a treat for your ears and for your eyes, which is why we always come home with so many photos! Create a fun little photo book and turn your favourite festival snaps into something you can enjoy long after the music stops.


#5 Baby’s firsts


The camera on your smartphone can quickly capture those moments that come and go in an instant. Their first smile, first walk, even their first tooth! Once you have it, it’s so easy to turn it into a baby photo book that you can carry with you everywhere. Plus, you can easily order multiple copies of your book so Grandma and Grandpa can have one too!

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of turning our phone pics into books, especially using our new app. It’s so quick and easy; you might find yourself getting addicted to it.

Head to your app store and download it for FREE today.