Customised photo books

When special occasions roll around, are you always stressing over what gifts to get? The next time you’re stuck for ideas on a special birthday or left scratching your head at Christmas, you can create a personalised photo book from bonusprint. There are so many ways you can make a book that’s totally unique, so here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Look back on the little ones’ best moments

Customised photo book with baby photos

When the kids are tiny, we love capturing all their first milestones, like a newborn’s earliest moments, dress-up days at nursery and their first day at school. So, why not arrange all the adorable snaps you’ve collected into a photo book for a proud grandparent, aunt or uncle? If you need more inspiration on how to document your little ones getting bigger, check out these super cute ideas.

Gift an annual album each year

Personalised annual photo book with family photos

An annual photo book is perfect for a young family. You can share all the highlights from the past year and show how much the little ones in your life have grown. Your relatives will love looking back on the last 12 months, and you can keep adding to the series each year.

Tell a story with your photo book

Photo book with family photos in chronological order

You can create a chronological photo book to share your memories like a story. Maybe mark a relationship milestone starting with how you and your other half met. And you could tell your family’s story too with photos taken across different generations.

Make a travel diary

Photo book with travel photos

If you’ve been away travelling with your friends, why not collect all the best moments from your amazing adventure and gift it to them in a photo book? You could also make a travel diary to give to your own kids one day and inspire them to see the world.

Create a cookbook

Photo book designed like a cookbook with images of recipes

Food brings back so many happy memories, especially when it’s a dish that reminds you of home. So, if you’re the master chef of the house, why not make a photo book of your family recipes? You can spill the beans on your secret ingredients and then gift your cookbook to your family. It’d be especially useful if one of your kids is about to fly the nest for university. Here are some ideas to help you create your own recipe book.

Mark a big milestone

Extra large photo album in a coffee table book-style

An extra-large coffee table photo book could make a thoughtful housewarming gift for someone special. And if there are newlyweds in your group of friends, why not create an alternative wedding album from all the snaps their guests took on the day? Photo books are great for marking a big birthday too. Maybe collect all the adorable – and slightly embarrassing – baby photos for your son or daughter’s 21st.

Make a gift that’s one of a kind

Photo book customised with clip art and backgrounds

You can customise a photo book any way you like, so you can make something unique for someone special. With little personal touches, like clip art, backgrounds or a custom photo cover, you can represent memories or inside jokes that only you two share. They’ll love the thought that’s gone into making it, and they won’t get another gift like it from anyone else.

So, take the stress out of gift shopping and create a unique present that your friends and family will love. It’s so easy to get started, just head to our creator tool to personalise your photo book.

And when you’ve finished your next masterpiece, share the best snaps of your photo books with us on social using #bonusprint.

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