“Writer’s block is much like photo selection block, only with photos instead of words.”
– F. Deckers, our very own Photo book specialist


If you’ve ever created a photo book before then you’ve probably asked yourself: how on earth do I go about deciding which photos to include? Does this sound familiar? We’re not surprised.

One way to overcome this conundrum is to select your photos in stages.

Photo selection – round 1

Begin by deciding what your photo book will be about. If you want to make a book about your wonderful summer memories then gather all your summer and holiday pics and select the ones that show the best highlights.

Photo selection – round 2

If you still end up with too many photos on your plate then worry not, it just means you’ve reached the second stage of ruthless elimination. At this point, only photos that mean a lot to you and are visually pleasing will prevail.

Let’s take a look at the photos below. They made it through selection rounds 1 & 2 because of the stories and memories behind each photo and because of their matching, vivid, summery colours.

How to select photos for a photo book - final selection

Now observe how these photos come together below. See how photos with blue and red colours are correspondingly placed on each page. Also note how the right page is based on a ‘water’ theme while the left is based on a ‘beach’ theme. Arranging photos by theme of colour is an easy way to get great results.

How to select photos for a photo book - photo book spread sample

So the next time you set about selecting photos for your book, first start by deciding what the book will be about, then select the most meaningful and beautiful photographs that complement each other and together, tell the stories you never wish to forget.

If you’re ready, why not start creating your book of summer memories now

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