With so many options available, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on the best format to pick for your photo book. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list to help make the decision that bit easier. We’ve got square books that are perfect for realising your Instagram photos in print, landscape for the best travel photo books and portrait which is exactly what you want for wedding days and pictures of your close ones.

Small Square

A simple 10cm x 10cm square book is great to have as a keepsake to have in your bag, or as a cute gift for a friend or a party favour. A small sized, square photo book is brilliant if you want to recreate your favourite Instagram photos in real life!

Small Landscape

Slightly smaller than your average postcard size, this landscape photo book is perfect for when you want to make a photo album of holiday snaps. With plenty of room to accommodate little messages alongside your snaps, it’s full of options to really make it your own or alternatively to make a great present!

Medium Square

This size photo book looks great and fits perfectly in a bag, on a table or on the bookshelf! If you’re looking to try something different to a traditional photo album then don’t forget you can add comments, backgrounds graphics and borders to your photos in all sizes and formats.

Medium Landscape

A great way to make sure your holiday memories never fade, the medium landscape photo book is perfect as a gift for family, friends or for you! Don’t forget you can also choose to use one of your photos on the cover too.

Medium Portrait

When you want to make a photo book of a fun weekend, great party or even a night out, then this size works brilliantly. If you pair this size with the bonusprint soft photo cover, then your photo book will look like a high end fashion magazine!

Large Square

For those of us not versed in photographic theory, a square photograph will draw the eye to the centre of the image so this large, square photo book is perfect size and shape to get the best out of baby pics and those pictures that capture perfect fleeting moments, whether on holidays, at a wedding or just when the family is all together.

Large Landscape

If you really want to show off your biggest and best landscape shots, then the large landscape format is your only way to go. Whether it’s a mountain range in Austria of the skyline of your home town, a double page spread is the perfect way to enjoy every little detail. And for the finishing touch, make sure to go for the layflat option – so nothing gets lost in the centre fold.

Large Portrait

Our large portrait format is – you guessed it – designed for portraits. The larger pages allows you to capture more of the people who matter most to you. And if you’re after a really professional finish, add glossy paper to make them (quite literally) shine.

XL Square

If you want to have an impact with your photo book then you’ve got to go extra large! With this 30cm x 30cm square photo book, you’ll wow your friends and family at the sheer scale of your snaps! If you want to make it really luxe, why not add a faux leather cover?

XL Landscape

If you’re looking for an extra professional format to showcase your travels, then this extra large landscape photo book might be the option for you. It will make your photos feel like an expensive design book you’d buy at a trendy gallery!

XL Portrait

An extra large photo book is a great way to mark an extra special event like a wedding, christening, anniversary or birthday party. At 27cm x 36cm you’ll certainly raise eyebrows when you open it up to guests! The super sized pages give you plenty of room to enjoy all of the details of your pics, whether they’re of a person you love or a beautiful setting.

Now it’s time to choose your size and shape and get making your bonusprint photo book.

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