Don’t get us wrong, we love Facebook and Instagram as much as anyone, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to share your everyday snapshots that’s a bit more… real?

We’ve created the new Portrait M photo book just for that. Now you can easily showcase your pics in a good (not so) old fashioned photo book!

The portrait M book is the perfect size to make your daily shots look great in print. It takes just 24 photos, so it’s super fast to create. Plus, you won’t need Wi-Fi to enjoy it!

If you like the way your photos look on screen, you’ll love seeing them in the Portrait M book. And guess what? You can still share your pics online with our free photo book widget! Take a look at the example photo book below for a first look at the new portrait M book.

Visit the website for more info on the portrait M photo book or to start creating your book.

P.S. For your more sophisticated shots, check out the new portrait XL photo book!