From special events to everyday moments, a yearbook helps you remember your year with all your favourite photos. It’s one beautiful book filled with all the best parts of your year!

Not sure if you should make a yearbook? Take a look below at our top five reasons why you should!

#5 – It’s time to start a creative project

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to develop your creativity or perhaps you’re just looking for a different way to fill your spare time. Whatever your reason, it’s time for a creative project. So round up last year’s photos and get started on your yearbook!

#4 – Last year’s memories are already starting to blend into previous years

As time goes by it becomes harder and harder to recall when our favourite photos were taken. Remember what made last year special and different? Put those memories in your yearbook and don’t forget all the great things that happened in your year!

#3 – You’ll be able to rewrite history

It’s up to you what you include in your yearbook. You can leave out the bad hair days, colds & flus, awkward moments and anything else you choose. In years to come, your memory of each year will be what’s in your book – only your favourite parts!

#2 – In this digital day and age, it’s nice to have a real book to hold on to

You can look back at last year’s photos on your computer or smartphone, but there’s nothing quite like flipping through real photos. Trust us – when you crack open your photo book and see all your pics printed on top quality photo paper, your eyes (and hands) will thank you!

(Plus, you’ll also get a digital version of your photo book to view online!)

#1 – You can try out one of our brand new pre-designed yearbooks!

They’re stylish and make creating your yearbook seriously easy. Plus they’re also available in portrait format! Use the Modern Timeline design for a sleek and simple photo book or try out the Seasonal Colours design for something fun and funky!