If your 2022 was one to remember, why not relive all the highlights in a beautiful custom photo book? The possibilities with bonusprint are endless. Create an album of your favourite family moments, capture your little ones as they’ve grown throughout the year, or make a professional portfolio of your year’s best work. We’ve got loads of ideas to help get you started: check out these 11 creative photo book themes and get inspired.

1. Make your baby’s first Year in Review

If you welcomed a little one into the world this year, why not create an adorable baby book? A photo book is a fantastic way to document all their milestones, from the day you brought them home to their very first Christmas. Have a browse through our selection of themed baby photo books, or let your creative juices flow and design your baby photo book from scratch.

Our top tip: a memory book of your baby’s first year could be the start of a cute collection of albums you can add to every year. It’s a great way to capture all the special moments on the way, big and small – and makes for perfect gifts for doting aunts, uncles and grandparents!

2. Look back on the best bits of 2022

If your highlights of the year included some long–overdue travel and adventure, you’re not alone! Whether it was a weekend trip with the family to the local seaside or a whole summer of exploring with your besties, look back on your best travel moments from 2022 in a customised photo book. Add captions throughout of dates and locations, and if you’re feeling especially creative, include some funny anecdotes from each of your trips.

3. Start a family album

A family photo book has a huge range of options. If you’ve celebrated some significant family milestones this year, like graduations, anniversaries, weddings or new arrivals to the family, create a photo book packed with the best moments from 2022.

It’s always great fun looking back at old family photos – from candid shots taken at family gatherings at home to sunny holiday snaps and funny childhood photos. If you have some time, opt to make a bigger project of it. Dig deep in the family archives for some vintage snaps of the whole family, and create a ‘then and now’ style feel to a few sections.  

4. Make a moving home memory book

Moving is always a massive event, whether to a new flat or a forever home. If you’ve been snapping pictures since moving day, from living out of boxes to settling in for your very first Christmas at home, you could document your progress in a photo book.

Our top tip: why not scan wallpaper samples and décor options to look back on all the hard work you put in throughout the year?  

5. Create a photo book of recipes

Had a year of culinary discovery? Create a photo book of all the recipes you’ve tried over the past 12 months. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, a world–class home baker or just getting started, you can add all of the shots of your kitchen wins (and fails) to start a collection of your own cookbooks. Go the extra mile and include the recipes next to the finished product.

6. Start a diary of the kids’ achievements

If you’ve got a mini musician in the family, a sporting legend in training or a scientist in the making, why not show them what a great year they’ve had with a photo book of their achievements? It’ll be a great way for them to see how far they’ve come along in school or their favourite hobby. And when they’re picking up their PhD or selling out stadiums in the future, you can show them where it all started.

7. Start a library of your kids’ artworks from this year

There’s never enough space on the fridge for all your little Picasso’s masterpieces, is there? When you’ve run out of room, you can scan them all in to create an artwork book for your child instead. With a photo book full of doodles, you can keep their artwork safe and tidy for years, so there’s no need for boxes and boxes of drawings in the loft either.

8. Create a book about your favourite hobby

Picked up knitting this year, taken up photography or pushed yourself by taking up a new sport? Start documenting your new favourite pastime in a photo book. You can show off everything from craft projects to new photo techniques or climbing competitions that have made your year one to remember. Then you can create a brand new photo book every year to mark all your progress.

9. A photo book makes the perfect gift

Memories are always better shared, so how about gifting a photo book to your friends? Collect your happiest, funniest and most memorable moments from the past year, from days in the park, all the birthdays you celebrated, fun you’ve had with the people you care about, and create something they’ll love to keep forever. A photo book especially makes the perfect present for those friends and family you’ve not been able to see in person for a while.

10. Give your portfolio a professional look

If 2022 was a big creative year for you, use your photo book as a portfolio. Our great range of themed photo books means that creating a photo book with bonusprint is easy. Go for an extra–large photo book to show off your best work, and you can add a layflat binding so that your most impactful images flow across a double page. You can fill it with everything from your photography highlights to samples of your writing and customise it any way you like.

11. Put your cutest pet pictures in a photo book

Are you the type of pet owner that creates an Instagram account for your favourite little furry friend? Even if your dog or cat is a social media sensation already, you can compile all their sweetest snaps from 2022 and create an album. Fill your pet’s photo book with pics of everything from cuddly naps to walks in the woods and pampering sessions. You can also personalise it with adorable clip art for a custom book as cute as they are.

However you spent 2022, and whether you’re making a travel book or a pet portfolio, there are loads of great editing tools you can explore to make your bonusprint photo book unique. Download our creator tool to get creative and celebrate this year in style.

And if you need some extra help making a photo book from scratch, check out our Smart Assistant. It’ll automatically pick your best photos and make a photo book layout for you, so you’ll save time sorting through a year’s worth of photos and can focus on the fun, creative bit.

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