A yearbook from bonusprint is the perfect way to relive all those great moments from 2019. You can fill it with cosy family photos to spectacular travel snaps. How you create yours is totally up to you. Check out these five reasons why you should get creative with a yearbook this year.

1. Give yourself a new creative project

New Year’s resolutions are always a bit tricky to stick to, right? But if your top resolution this year is to be more creative, that’s a fun one you can get on board with. A yearbook is a great project you can get stuck into straight away. Round up your photos from 2019, curl up with your laptop and start exploring your artistic side with all the editing options in our creator tools.

2. You can look back on the best bits from the year

If your 2019 was a busy one, make sure you remember all the best bits in a yearbook. A personalised yearbook is a great way of gathering all those great moments together. And you can flip through your photo book with the friends and family who made your year extra special.

3. Bring memories to life

We’ve all got loads of memories just sitting on our smartphones or laptops, but with a printed yearbook you can bring them all to life. Rather than scrolling through photo after photo to find your favourite moments, with an end of year book you can relive them in beautiful detail and flick through them easily. And if you print your photo books on our high-quality gloss paper, you can experience all the vibrant colours and the little details you love all over again.

4. You can create a themed book

You can make your yearbook about anything you like, from a ‘my first year book’ for your baby to travel books for you and your other half. And with our pre-designed books, we’ve made it even easier for you to stick to a theme. To make baby’s first book, you can just drag and drop their most adorable photos into one of our layouts. If you’re documenting a big move abroad this year, check out our travel pre-designs for a layout that will show off your best landscape shots.

Take a look at these creative yearbook theme ideas for some extra inspiration.

5. Yearbooks make the ideal gift

Yearbooks aren’t just a great addition to your bookshelf, they also make the perfect gift. You can create a book of all the amazing memories you shared with your best friends throughout the year. And if you welcomed a little one into the world in 2019, why not gift their grandparents with the cutest photos you collected of your baby?

How ever you spent 2019, relive it in a customised yearbook from bonusprint. Use these ideas as a guide then get creative with a photo book you can look back on year after year.

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