The thought of redecorating your home is daunting, but there’s actually no need for it to be. With a few creative touches, you can make your living space look like it’s been given a complete makeover. Forget paint and tricky DIY, you can breathe life into your space by adding well-placed photo products.

1. Mix art and furniture


Play around with your furniture and wall art to create an interaction between the two. Take a picture of flowers or a house plant and hang it on the wall in front of a vase; an instant splash of nature, without any need to water. Or, try creating a series that complements the colour scheme of your room, and hang them above your sofa to create a stylish, purposeful synergy.

2. Use photo books as decoration


When designing photo books, think about how they’ll look when they’re closed and at home. We love the aesthetic of a series of similar photo books lined up on a shelf in volumes, like Summer 2018, Summer 2019 etc. You can also create photo covers in similar shades or styles and stack them up on your coffee table. Another option is using a stack of around six photo books on your bedside table to create a platform and placing a candle or small house plant on it.

3. Create a photo wall with similar photos


One of the tricks that interior designers constantly use is creating photo walls with themed photos. Print a series of similar photos on canvas wall art and frame them for an extra special finish, then hang them in a symmetrical format or just cluster them randomly. A simple way to achieve a theme in your photos is using a consistent filter. Read our tips for editing your photos for more details.

4. Mugs with quotes used as plant pots


Plants and herbs instantly breathe life into any space and using personalised mugs as plant pots will give them an even more unique look. Try creating three or more mugs featuring some quotes. You can do this in our online editor by selecting ‘mugs’ and then selecting ‘clip art’ on the left-hand-side of the screen, before choosing the ‘words’ option from the drop-down menu. Here you’ll find quotes that will be perfect for printing on your mugs before using them as plant pots or keeping herbs in on the kitchen counter.

5. Use ropes and frames to display your prints


If you like a mismatched look, head to your local second-hand shop and buy a series of mismatched frames. Then take a length of rope (in any colour or style) and tape several photo prints to the rope before hanging it either vertically or horizontally in the frame. Hang the frame on a wall and hey presto – a simple but creative way to show off your prints.

6. Prints on clipboards


Create photo prints of all your favourite moments and then get your hands on some clipboards. Like the tip above you can choose what type of clipboards to use, from matching and plain, to patterned and random. No sticking or gluing required – simply attach the photo to the clipboard and hang it on your wall. If you can’t put hooks on your walls, the clipboards will look just as chic lined up on a shelf or against a wall.

We hope these tips have helped you see that time and money aren’t necessary to give your home a creative makeover. Do you have any other suggestions for decorating your home with photo products? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below, or on Facebook and Instagram.