We are really getting close to Christmas and, if you haven’t already started thinking about what gifts you’ll be buying this year, then you’d better hurry. Here at bonusprint, we know that our photo products can make the perfect present for the ladies in your life, whether it’s for grandma, your girlfriend, sister, daughter or mum. So we came up with some great gift ideas that might inspire your Christmas shopping.

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A recipe book for Grandma

There’s nothing better than Grandma’s cooking. In fact, we’re getting hungry just thinking about it. Food is such an essential part of the Christmas celebrations and you know that all of your extended family will be eating at least one of her recipes when they sit down for lunch. This Christmas why don’t you surprise her with her very own cook book? Just like the Smith family did with granny Barbara. Speak to your family to seek out the recipes for as many of her speciality dishes as you can, and add in all the photos you can find of her and your family at parties, weddings, christenings and birthdays from over the years. Just like granny Barbara, your grandma will love it too…

Wall art for your sister

There’s no relationship like the one you have with your sister. As someone who’s known you your whole life, she probably thinks she’s guessed exactly what you’ll buy her this Christmas. So give her a total surprise with some awesome wall art, that she won’t be expecting. Dig out your favourite photos of the pair of you and create something amazing. You can choose from a range of different materials to print on — from canvas to aluminium, so think of what would look great on her walls. If you’re not entirely sure which would work best, check out our ultimate guide to wall art materials here.

Give mum a hand

Your home is probably a lot like the Smith family home. No one juggles things like mum; Not only is she looking after her busy schedule but she makes sure she keeps an eye on everyone else’s too. Where would we be without her? Mum’s a true superhero and we think that making her one of our new bonusprint calendars for next year could be the perfect gift for her. Like all our products, the calendar is completely customisable and, as well as adding in your own photos, you can also put in your own birthdays, dates and events that are personal to her. We love you, mum.

Photo prints for your girlfriend

In a world of digital photography, gifting someone a selection of actual physical photo prints is a really original present. That’s why we think your girlfriend will love it. It shows that you’ve really thought about her present, it’s a unique gift to give, and is guaranteed to impress. Find the photos of the major or small moments in your relationship and put together a series of your most special times. No need to reveal to her how easy and quick it is to print your photos with our smartphone apps for iOS or Android. You can order your photo prints in minutes.

Superhero photo book for a super daughter

The creative energy of our children is incredible — it’s something we should always celebrate. One of our favourite ideas for creating a photo book for a child, is to turn it into a superhero theme. Little Ally from the Smith family is totally into superheroes. Your daughter too? It’s something you can easily do for her this Christmas too. Just choose one of our cool pre-design templates — we’d recommend the Comic book one. You can create your own storyline, add in your photos, create speech bubbles, use our huge range of cartoon clip art, and even classic comic book text effects… KAPOW! Your daughter will love this.

A book for a best friend

Your best friend is basically your bonus sister. She’s the one you chose for yourself and someone you can talk to about absolutely anything. You must have loads of photos of all the trips you’ve taken, nights out you’ve been on, and adventures you’ve had — we think that putting them all in one awesome photo book would be an excellent present for them this Christmas. It’s a perfect way to celebrate your friendship. If you’re a little unsure how to make a photo book, try out any of our fantastic pre-design templates, which are all fully customisable. They make creating your book really easy, leaving you free to simply add in your photos, stories, clip art, jokes and quotes. For some great advice on using our pre-designed templates, check out our blog here.

Christmas cards for a colleague

We spend so much time with our colleagues, they pretty much become a second family. Even if you’ve only seen them on video conferences lately, they’re still a special part of your life, and sending them a real life Christmas card is a lovely thing to do in a virtual world. The bonusprint range of cards really is second to none — we have something for every occasion and our Christmas card collection is fantastic. Our cards come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and finishes. They come in packs of 10 (one for the whole department) and envelopes are included too.

We hope these Christmas gift ideas have inspired you to create something special for your mum, grandma, sister, best friend, daughter or work friends. All our photo products are customisable, no matter if you’re using one of our pre-design templates or starting from a blank canvas, meaning whatever you make, it’ll be a truly unique present. All you need to do to complete your Christmas shopping is click the button below.

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