Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the albelli summer photographer. Now that the sun is shining, starting a summer photo project is a great way to capture all your favourite sunny moments on camera.

I’m sure you have a summer holiday planned, and with just a little preparation, you’ll be able to capture every memorable moment of it. Here are my top five tips to creating great photo projects:

1. Narrow things down

Try to focus your creativity on a specific subject you’re passionate about. It could be sailing, wildlife, or whatever you find intriguing.


2. Get creative with your subject

I’d encourage you to be brave. Try new angles. New compositions. Keep your eyes open for new techniques and give it a go. You could even give your kids a camera to capture things from their point of view.


3. Create a mood board

Collect images of things you love. Use a theme or colour to inspire your project.


4. Location scouting

Think ahead and plan great places to shoot. Somewhere with natural light is best, and I’ve always been a fan of outdoor locations.

5. Tell your story, one image at a time

I’d recommend making a list of images you want. Perhaps photos on the road, games, summer foods or close-ups of hands and feet. By planning ahead it will help you tell the story through photos later on, perhaps by creating a photo book for example.


I’m always very keen to emphasise to everyone that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. Enthusiasm, enjoyment and a little preparation will always create get results!

I hope these tips will inspire you to create your very own summer photo project. Do you already have an idea of what yours will be about?


Megan x