Hi, Megan Alter here, the albelli photographer! I love sunshine as much as everyone but sometimes it can be tricky to capture.

Taking photos in perfect weather can often have less than perfect results so here are my tips and tricks on taking photographs on sunny days.

Hopefully these simple techniques will help you create images you’ll be proud to share…


1. Create silhouettes: Place the sun behind what you’re photographing, creating a black outline. You will lose detail, but it will also highlight the outline of the subject’s shape.


2. Use a flash: Using a flash can fill in the shadow created on your subject when the sun’s in the background. This creates a bright shiny, summery look.


3. Create lens flare: As you photograph into the sun, it will reflect into your lens producing unique shapes and colours. These lightly coloured circles can create great emotion in a photo.


4. Play with shadows: Look for interesting shadows that tell the story of your environment. Long, dark shadows add a dramatic flare!


5. Capture reflections: Sunlight intensifies reflection, so try photographing your subject showing their reflection on water, a window, or even a metal surface.



With these new tips it’s time to go out and capture some amazing photos. If you don’t get a perfect shot first time, keep trying. I promise you’ll get there.

Have a look at my other tips on the blog and let me know what tricks you use on a sunny day! I’m sure you could teach me a thing or two.

Megan x