In each edition of this brand new feature: Team Spotlight, we will be introducing one of our colleagues and showcasing their current projects.

As the festive season swings into full bloom, you may have noticed the themes on our site roll on smoothly from an awe-inspiring autumn into a warm and wonderful wintery feel. With this transition, comes new inspiration and of course, new designs!

So first up, meet Joline Huijer, one of our super designers responsible for the visuals of our brand new greeting cards! Her focus for this project was to create a series of minimal and beautiful pre-designed cards that were easy for you to personalise. The eight new designs vary in style, size and shape so there is something for everyone. Here’s a look at one of Joline’s new cards:

Joline's newly designed cards

We caught up with Joline for quick Q&A to learn a bit more about her world.

What is your role in the team and how long have you worked here?
I’ve worked here for 3.5 years as a product designer. In a nutshell, I’m taking care of most of the pre-designed products like cards, calendars and pre-designed photo books. A part from that I do most of the product photography for the website, campaigns, social media, etc.

What superpower would you choose if you could?
Usually if you do the things you love and you do it on a regular basis, you become good at it. For me that’s illustration. I’m lucky to be able to apply this ‘superpower’ in my work here when I’m creating pre-designed products. In my spare time I draw as well. Most of the time I get inspiration from the daily things in life.

What design blogs or publications do you read?
It changes every now and then. There’s a lot I like to visit/read/follow, but here’s some of my favourites: – An art, design, lifestyle blog and a medium for all kinds of creatives worldwide
Abduzeedo – A broad orientated collection of inspiration and information. Apart from that, they offer tutorials which are very handy to keep up my skills.
I also look a lot on Pinterest, it can keep me busy for hours and I love it.

Ready to transform one of Joline’s beautiful card designs into your own personalised cards? Grab you favourite photos and select your design!

Until next time,
The albelli Team