kid on a bike

Wait. What’s that? It’s finally here. We’re celebrating the arrival of summer with a brand new theme for our Monthly Moments photo project. Because it’s July we want to see sunshine. Whether it´s home or away, clouded or in clear view. What are you waiting for?



Follow these tips from the albelli staff and then share your own sunny photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #monthlymoments #albelli. Be creative. Just don´t forget your suncream.


skyline over water

Sunsets are an Instagram favourite for a reason. Take advantage of the golden hour and use silhouettes for contrast.


man on bench

Rise and shine. Head out in the early morning when the streets are empty and the sun is at its brightest.


trees against blue sky

Is there anything better than pure blue skies? Shoot against a bright contrasting foreground, like these tress contrasting foreground, like these trees for emphasis.



When the weather lets you down simply let the sun inside instead. We’ve got home inspiration below that will make you smile on gloomier days. Share your cheery interiors on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #monthlymoments #albelli.

sun wall decor collage

Try creating a feature creating a feature wall  with lots of sunny photos. It will look just as good now as it will come December.


wall art on the wall

Create your own bespoke wall art with your favourite sunshine-inspired sunshine-inspired prints.


So whether it’s a dramatic sunset in a far-flung location or a sun-drenched landscape closer to home tag us in your photos to brighten up our month.