The sun is shining, the kids are off school and the beer gardens are in full swing! There are still a few weeks left before the end of the summer holidays, so here are some top tips for capturing great photos during your time off. Tip: use these photos to create your holiday photo book!

Things to think about before you go on holiday

1. Give your camera a quick test. If you’ve just treated yourself to a new camera, it may be handy to take it for a test drive before you set off on your holidays. Scope out the most important features and make sure you know the basics of how it works.

2. Have a think about which format you want to save your photos in. If you’re looking to use your photos for a photo book, select a higher-resolution to get that extra-sharp finish when printed. Check your camera’s manual; you might be surprised to find some useful tips and tricks.

3. Make sure you have enough memory cards and batteries when you’re out and about. There’s nothing worse than the ‘memory full’ or ‘battery low’ signs flashing on your screen and having no back up with you.

albelli Top Tip:
Stuck abroad with no battery left on your camera and you’ve forgotten your charger? Some camera stores will charge your camera for you if you find yourself in this situation.


How do you take the best photos for your holiday photo book?

1. Experiment with view point. Have an eye for detail and try placing the subject of your photo off-center. Check out 5 tips to take great holiday photos.

2. Take photographs that you could use as a background for your photo book. Panorama photographs are great for over two pages! Here are some more tips.

3. Browse the photography tips section on our website. It’s a great place to pick up some inspiration before you leave.

4. This last tip is the most important: enjoy your holiday! Don’t spend the whole time behind your camera. Relive the memories later on when you make your photo book.