With five materials to choose from it can be hard to decide what wall art will suit what photo and what wall art will look best in your home. That’s why we’ve put together this extensive guide to choosing the correct wall art.

We’ve taken everything into consideration… from your home decor and the type of photo you’re printing to what room you want to hang it in.



Our best selling canvas wall arts are the perfect starting point for creating a photo wall and will look great wherever you choose to hang them. Choose one photo for it or create a wall art collage using our feature that lets you display multiple photos on one canvas.


  • What’s it made of?

The high-quality canvas is stretched across a wooden backing and you can even add a frame to give it an extra elegant air.

  • Will it suit my home?

Is your home, bright, colourful and full of the ones you love? Then we think you’re perfectly suited to a canvas wall art.

  • Where should I hang it?

Classic and elegant, a canvas wall art will give your bedroom or living space a homely feel.

  • What should I print on it?

Portraits and landscapes both look nice on canvas wall art thanks to the sharp image quality.

Photo on wood


Create a photo on wood wall art to give your living space a rustic feel. The natural material will help to bring the crisp, clean energy of nature into your home.

You can easily create one in our creator tool which provides an accurate preview of your photo on wood so you can see the plank direction and the slits between the planks.


  • What’s it made of?

Crafted from pinewood planks from sustainable forests, the smooth, planed wood finish features no knots, imperfections or grains.

  • Will it suit my home?

Do you like the feeling of bringing the outdoors in and does your house feature lots of plants and greenery? Then a photo on wood will be perfect in your home.

  • Where should I hang it?

A photo on wood wall art is perfect in a conservatory or any room that backs on to a garden. It will help blend with the landscape. You can even hang it outside in the garden under a covered area.

  • What should I print on it?

The wood’s clean, clear finish clarifies the detail in your photo while maintaining the natural wood look making it perfect for family portraits or rustic landscapes.

Mounted prints


Sophisticated, stylish and very affordable. Our mounted prints are a favourite with the photographers in the office because they bring out the colours in your photos and make simple backdrops look bright and vivid.

They’re also very light so hang easily on your wall.


  • What’s it made of?

Our mounted prints are printed on a 5mm white PVC board and have a matte finish so you’ll get no reflection.

  • Will it suit my home?

Clean lines, splashes of colour and some well-chosen accessories. This is the type of space that will make the perfect home for a mounted print.

  • Where should I hang it?

Hang yours in the dining room or another space where you entertain… the photos will be great conversation starters.

  • What should I print on it?

Use a mounted print to show off brightly coloured photos from far-flung destinations. The sharp detail and rich intense colours will give your photos a professional look.



For a durable and modern wall art, print your photos on aluminium. The high-quality wall art is made to last using top quality aluminium. They show off black and white photos to beautiful effect and will give your home a contemporary edge.


  • What’s it made of?

Made from top quality aluminium, the material is 3mm thick and consists of three solid layers. The two outer layers are made of aluminium, while the middle layer is made of hard plastic. This keeps your aluminium print strong and solid.

  • Will it suit my home?

Suited to houses with a minimal aesthetic and a neutral colour palette. Think stainless steel kitchens, glass tables and lots of natural light.

  • Where should I hang it?

Our aluminium wall art is UV and weather resistant so is perfect for hanging in a kitchen as it won’t be affected by steam or moisture. You could also hang it in a minimal bedroom.

  • What should I print on it?

Black and white photos of urban landscapes taken from arty angles will look incredible on aluminium wall art thanks to the sharp image quality and matt finish. It will be like having your own professional gallery in your home.



Get museum quality prints right in your home. Acrylic wall art will enhance the colour luminance, depth and detail of your photo and give you a sharp image quality with beautiful shine.

The acrylic protects your photo from dust, scratches and discolouration so you know it will last for years.


  • What’s it made of?

We print your photo on the back of top quality acrylic. Both the front and sides of your acrylic print are professionally finished and cut to the perfect size and the acrylic protects your photo from dust and scratches too!

  • Will it suit my home?

Your home is sophisticated, just like you are. Some sleek acrylic wall art will perfectly match their modern style.

  • Where should I hang it?

Able to withstand weather and UV rays, our acrylic wall art can be hung outdoors. They also look amazing as the basis for a striking photo wall, mixed with mirrors and other wall arts thanks to their shiny finish. You could even try this in the bathroom.

  • What should I print on it?

All of your photos will look amazing on an acrylic wall art. Close-up macro shots of interesting details will give your home a creative edge but we also love them for portraits of friends and family thanks to the enhanced colours.

Now that you understand wall art and what all the different materials offer you can learn how to create yours like an expert with our wall art tips.

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