Photo book creator tool update for Windows - better shadow feature

It’s now even easier to create your photo book with our new and improved creator tool for Mac. You asked and we listened – you can now store and reuse your layouts as well as loads of other improvements. Here’s what you have to look forward to…


You can now save your own layouts in the editor, choosing to save single pages or entire spreads. It’s easy – design a page the way you like it using photo and text placeholders and save it. Or give your layout a name so you can easily recognize it in the layout browser. Lookout for this brand new feature in the toolbar, the page menu and through the context menu.

Mac 4.0 Update UK Save layouts


A layout which works perfectly for a page on the left side of your book might not be nicely aligned when applied to a page on the right side of the book. So this is where our new mirror layout feature comes in handy. You can now mirror a layout on the current page or mirror the layout to the other page of the spread.  The feature is available in the toolbar, the page menu and through the context menu.

Mac 4.0 Update UK Mirror layouts


Transparency can now be applied to texts, allowing a whole new range of creative effects in your books. Simply write your message and use the transparency slider in the inspector panel to adjust the transparency of your text.

Mac 4.0 Update UK Text transparency

So what are you waiting for? Download the new and improved version of our creator tool for Mac and enjoy all these new features.