We know how hard it is to find Valentine’s Day gifts that truly show how much you care. This year, express your love with a gift that fits together as perfectly as you and your valentine!

Split a photo of the two of you holding hands, dancing, sitting in the park or even a photo of a romantic word or shape; then upload your photos to two matching products (like canvas prints or phone cases) and create a perfect pair of gifts!

Take a look below for some inspiration and help creating your gifts.

Wall art that belongs together


Create matching canvas, acrylic or aluminium prints that complete each other when they’re together!

Phone cases that connect you


Carry their heart with you always with matching heart phone cases!

Easily create your own matching gifts

1. Start with a favourite photo that has an easy dividing point.

2 .Use Paint, Photoshop or any other photo editing software on your computer to split the photo in two. (Use the crop function on the original photo twice to get two separate photos.)

3. Upload your photos to two phone cases, canvas prints, acrylic prints, or aluminium prints and order.

Voilà – two unique Valentine’s gifts that belong together!

For more great gifts ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day inspiration page.

Be sure to order your gifts before 6th of February 2014 to receive them in time for Valentine’s Day!