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Give your photos the attention they deserve with our easy to follow wall art creation tips. Choose between creating your wall art in our online creator tool and in our mobile app. If you’re not sure which wall art will look best in your home, take our quick quiz that will determine whether canvas, Aluminium, Acrylic or mounted prints will suit your home décor.

Create online or use our app?

You can create your wall art in our online creator tool or in our smartphone app. Whether you choose to create your wall art on your computer or on your phone you’ll have 29 background colours available and can easily change the orientation and size.

The online creator tool has more margin options so you’ll have more control over the spacing of your layout and the app allows you to save your projects and come back later. If you want to get creative on your phone, find out about our recent app updates that will make creating wall art in the app even easier.

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Life’s little moments

Create a wall art layout with lots of photos. In the online creator tool you can use up to 15 photos in one wall art and in the mobile app it’s nine so there are so many ways you can display your moments.  Use low resolution photos from your phone to create a series of small wall arts – perfect in living spaces.

Wall art that tells a story

When you attend an event like a wedding or go on holiday it’s not unusual to have a whole camera roll filled with moments from the day or week. To save yourself choosing just one, opt for a wall art layout that allows you to tell a story. A series of your favourite photos showcases more than just one moment.

If you have your photos saved in order on your device it will be simple to choose a series to feature. We’ve created the ultimate guide to organising your photos to make this easier than ever.

Get creative with colours

Your wall art should be an extension of your taste so when you’re creating it consider using a colour scheme that will match the décor in your home. Bright colours and eye-catching backgrounds are perfect for light and breezy living spaces while a series of black and white photos will look great in a modern home.

Words and quotes

Add words or quotes to your photos using one of our favourite photo editing apps before uploading it to the creator tool. Or create wall art in the app and add text directly to your photo thanks to a recent update. Perhaps try some inspiring life advice on a holiday photo…

Arty effects

If you’ve taken a photo of a building or landscape it can be nice to zoom in on a specific detail in the photo for an unusual result that you won’t see anywhere else. We love close-up photos of tiles and interesting textures from nature. The lines on a leaf or the details in bark on a tree also work well. Take a look at our urban photography tips for some more inspiration.

If you like the sound of these handy tips, then start creating your wall art now. Armed with this advice you’ll have no problem creating a beautiful wall art for your home.

Once your wall art has arrived why not take a look at our tips for decorating your home with wall art and how to create a photo wall? We love to see what you’ve created, so take a photo of your wall art hanging in your home and enter the #mybonusprint photo contest to be in with a chance of winning a £30 bonusprint voucher. You can upload your photo to our gallery (and see lots of other people’s creations) or simply enter on Instagram by using the hashtag.

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