Wall art can make a room look completely different and all you need to do is hang it so it’s the easiest way to breathe new life into your home. We’ve got 50 new creative wall art layouts for mounted prints, Acrylic and Aluminium so there’s more choice than ever. With that in mind, we’ve got advice on what photos and what materials to choose for each room. Read on to get inspired…

The entrance

Set the tone for the house with a family portrait on a canvas wall art. The homely feel of canvas will ensure it doesn’t look too showy.

The hallway

Create a photo wall cluster of all your adventures as a family. You can use different wall art materials for this to give the photo wall some texture.

The bedroom

The bedroom should be a calm retreat away from the rest of the house so your wall art should reflect this. We love canvas wall art of a holiday you took recently and because canvas wall art is excellent value you can swap it often and keep your bedroom looking fresh.

The living room

This is where you should print your favourite photo… or what people call ‘the money shot’. Print it on a museum-quality acrylic wall art and notice the sharp image quality and beautiful shine.

The bathroom

Our aluminium and acrylic wall art are both resistant to steam so perfect for hanging in the bathroom. We would steer clear of portraits in the bathroom and instead opt for a close-up artsy shot of nature.

The kitchen

You might not think to hang wall art in your kitchen but it will really bring the room to life. We love photos of food (naturally) in this room. Similar to the bathroom, acrylic and aluminium work best as they’re resistant to steam, so print your best food photography on one of these.

The patio

Since this will often be the first wall art your guests see, go with something that’ll catch their eye and impress them. Our acrylic wall art is weather resistant so perfect to hang in your patio.

The stairs

Often forgotten, the stairs are a great place to show off wall art because you pass them regularly. Here, try creating a photo wall using various photos of the family: this will entertain your guests and spark some interesting conversations. Use different wall art materials and even photo prints to make this work.

The dining area

Wall art in your dining room should enhance the eating experience. That’s why we love photos of far flung places and exotic markets in the dining area. Print them on a mounted print and see the colours pop.

The play room

If you’re lucky enough to have a play room then you should make the most of it, hanging wall art it in to brighten it up. Try some candid shots of the children playing to fit the playful mood. Choose a mosaic grid wall art and add up to 81 photos on a single wall art so there’s lots of photos for people to look at.

The girl’s room

Does she have a wild imagination? Then fuel it even further with a whimsical wall art of a scene from her favourite fairy tale. Simply find an image you like and upload it online or in our app. Choose great value canvas so you can swap it out when she grows out of it.

The boy’s room

What are his favourite things? Print them on a canvas wall art with a frame to make it stand out. The bright colours will bring his room to life.

The teenager’s room

It’s a well-known fact of life that teenagers like to look cool. So do them a favour and choose some stylish aluminium wall art for their bedroom. Try photos of famous landmarks or places they’d like to visit like London or Paris on a circular mosaic and they’ll feel inspired to get up in the morning too. (Maybe).


The nursery

Photograph your little one to document the precious first months. Then put it on a mounted print as it’s lightweight and easy to hang.

The office

You can end up spending hours in the office, so choose a photo that you’ll love looking at every day. We think a photo from a day when you felt truly relaxed and happy is perfect as just looking at it will help take you back to that mindset. Put it on an acrylic wall art to really see the colours pop.

The conservatory

All of our wall art is UV resistant so safe to hang in sunlight, but we think that mounted prints with their vivid colours and matt finish are perfect in the conservatory as you won’t get any glare. As this is often the room that separates house and garden, try a photo of nature to bring the outside in.

The man cave

Print an architectural shot of a building or cityscape in monochrome on an aluminium wall art to add some class and contemporary edge to your space.

The shed

Use modern acrylic wall art in your shed for a striking contrast to the rustic surroundings. It’s perfect for little garden hideaways. Choose a photo of your pet or favourite animal so you’ll feel surrounded by the natural world.

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