The wedding! You’ve planned for it and thought about every single detail (including how to get uncle Tom there on time) but when it comes to photography, the wedding photographer takes over.

Of course, having your wedding photos taken in a professional way is very important, but you are the only one who can decide how your wedding day should be captured.

So take the time to list down moments you want to see captured in your collection of wedding photos. Here are some wedding photo-worthy moments to consider.

Must-have wedding photos

The proposal
Of course, getting a photo of the actual proposal is tricky but well worth the effort! Get a friend to tag along or follow you paparazzi-style. The proposal is where everything starts and all you need is one shot!

Unmissable wedding photos: the proposal

The couple at home
Everything is, after all, about the couple. So take some casual and fun photos that show who you are as a couple. Add some to your wedding photo book to add an unexpected twist to your story.

The seamstress
The seamstress understands the bride like no other. She’s the one who makes the bride’s vision a reality and definitely deserves to be included in your wedding album. Capture the story behind your dress by taking a photo while being fitted.

Unmissable wedding photos: the seamstress

The pastry chef
When it comes to the wedding cake, don’t just photograph the end result. Take photos of how it was created at the bakery and the talented pastry chef who did all the hard work.

Unmissable wedding photos -the pastry chef

The hanging wedding dress
Your beautiful wedding dress deserves to be photographed on its own. Make sure it’s hanging in an ideal spot and that you get a pretty hanger for it.

Unmissable wedding photos: the hanging dress

Waiting for the bride
Oh the anticipation, excitement, and drama just before the bride makes her first entrance! It’s definitely worth capturing on camera!

Unmissable wedding photos: waiting for the bride

These are just some ideas to get you going. Start thinking early! Take time to make a list of all the moments you definitely want to see in your wedding photo book That way, you’ll be sure your photographer delivers exactly what you’re looking for!

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