Glossy pages in photo books will give your book a luxurious finish and make your photos look better than ever. Perfect for both colourful photos and black and white shots, the shiny finish brings out all the details. Here we’ll tell you how we make it, give you some ideas on which photos to use and how to add it to your book.

What exactly are glossy pages?

The glossy paper we use when making photo books is just like traditional photo paper, with a shiny, luxurious finish. Our gloss finish is made with a special UV varnish that’ll keep your photos looking flawless for years to come.

What makes them special?

Glossy pages will give your photos greater contrast and depth of colour. They provide your photos with a higher colour density, optimal colour graduation and perfect image sharpness. So if you love your photos to look clear and bright, then glossy pages are for you.

When should I use glossy pages?

Glossy pages will bring out colours and shadows in your photos thanks to the image sharpness so they’ll work for most styles of photography. But there are a few styles in particular that we think really benefit from being printed on glossy paper.

Colourful closeups
Are you a keen nature photographer with a great eye for detail? Well all those closeups of flowers and plants will look even more beautiful on glossy pages. The high colour density will pick out all of the different shades and really bring them to life.

Architectural shots
When you go on holiday it’s easy to come home with a camera roll full of arty shots of buildings and landmarks, which look outstanding on glossy paper. The colour gradient will pick out shadows and details to complete a professional looking image.

Black and white photos
Sometimes black and white photos can look a little washed out. But choosing glossy pages will ensure that the different monochromatic shades pop from the page.

How do I get glossy pages in my photo book?

It’s so easy. Just choose the glossy pages option at checkout.

What size photo book should I create?

You can create any size photo book in any format and add glossy pages.

We hope this helps you with your photo book creation and we’re sure that you’ll love our glossy pages. For more advice on creating your best photo book ever, read our tips on creating a photo book like an expert. You can also use our layflat premium feature to make it even more special. And once you’ve made your photo book, share a photo of it with us on social media using the #bonusprint hashtag so we can see what you’ve been creating.

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