That’s right, it’s not just ‘Layflat’ but ‘Layflat Premium’. We’re really pleased to be able to introduce our new and improved layflat photo books! They’re so beautiful that we’re proud to call them the ‘creme de la creme’ of our photo book range.

Layflat: what is that again?

Layflat photo books are bound in a unique way, allowing the pages to open completely flat.

The difference between a Layflat Premium photo book and a normal photo book

The left and right hand pages flow seamlessly together. Whenever you place a photograph that runs through the centre of your book, this will be printed without interruption. Ideal for photos of a gorgeous sunset, a landscape or a group photo where people are also in the centre of the book.

A Layflat Premium photo book (top example) has no break down the centre of the page.

Why do you call it ‘Premium’?

We call it Layflat ‘Premium’ because of the special paper we use. It has all the qualities of real photo paper. Slightly thicker pages showcase your photos beautifully and add an extra-luxurious feel. Additionally, the premium paper is stain, moisture and fingerprint resistant! This gives your book and outstanding, professional finish.

I want this for my next photo book! How do I order Layflat Premium?

The steps for adding layflat to your photo book have changed slightly. You can opt for Layflat Premium now directly within the offline or online Creator Tools (not in the shopping basket). The option is available to you when you first start creating, or can be turned on or off during the process by visiting the ‘Extra Options’ tab in the Creator Tool. Layflat Premium is available on all L-size landscape, portrait and square photo books and also Square XL.

Make your next photo book ‘Layflat Premium’! Believe us, you’ll never want it any other way. Check out this beautiful panorama photography photo book by our colleague Martin, it might give you a little inspiration.