Yearbook photos

What were your most memorable moments of the past 12 months? Take all the best bits of 2015 and showcase them in photo book fashion! Think of it as a fun and visual way to review a year filled with highlights, events and new experiences.

Not sure how to get started with your year book or looking for a new way to display your photos from last year? Perhaps some of our examples below will inspire you:


Pets – Showcase a dear friend

Yearbook ideas pets

Your pet is a big part of your life. They make us happy, they keep us company and they even read our minds. Use the photos you captured of them in 2015 to transform your pet into a photo book star!

Visits to the pup parlour, morning walks with your dog or a cheeky cat nap on the sofa – all of these special moments are worth preserving! Why not create something from the point of view from your pet? What pics would they choose if they had the chance to create a book about themselves?

Fill a photo book with the images you show off via your phone anyway and display them with pride in a beautiful yearbook.


Firsts – New experiences in 2015

Yearbook ideas new experiences

Another year, another discovery and the chance to learn and experience more and more. Did anything new happen to you in 2015 for the first time? Maybe you moved house or started a new study/school. Did you go to your first festival or welcome a new baby/relative into the family? However big or small, it’s a memory that is unique to you.

Create a yearbook of ‘firsts’ to help remember how special those moments truly were.


Travel – A year of discovery

Yearbook ideas travel photos

If you were bitten by the infamous travel bug, document your journey and share your tips and adventures. A travel year book is the perfect way to retrace your footsteps with the turn of a page.

Wherever inspiration led you in 2015, be sure to upload your photos into our photo book creator tool and preserve those precious moments in your very own year book.

Until next time!