Updates Windows Creator Tool

We’re always working to improve our creator tool, so that your experience is both smoother and simpler. As a result, you’ll occasionally be prompted to update to a new version. Below is an overview of the latest updates to our Windows creator tool.

Latest update

Version 13.1 (August 2017)
– Made general bug fixes and improvements

Previous Updates

Version 13.0 (August 2017)
– You can now upgrade from a soft cover to a hard cover photo book
– You can now shuffle through layouts in a specific layout style
– Remove assets from your ‘Favorites’ category) by right-clicking
– It’s now much easier to align photos in your book

Version 12.1 (June 2017)
– Added new layouts in the left-hand menu
– Improved default initial templates
– For new installations, your most recently selected photo folder is opened by default
– Made general bug fixes and improvements

Version 12.0 (May 2017)
– Improved performance for loading backgrounds, clip art, masks, and frames.
– Introduced photo sorting options to the photo browser.
– Resolved a bug affecting Facebook photo import.
– Made general bug fixes and improvements.

Version 11.3 (March 2017)
– Various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 11.2 (February 2017)
– A recovery file is now created, in case the creator tool crashes
– The colour picked has been improved work with all supported Windows versions
– Drag and drop of multiple images from social media is now supported
– Any book can now be started while offline
– Several improvements to the undo and redo functions

Version 11.1 (October 2016)
– Improved handling of rotation and sorting
– Improved product selection for older browsers
– More colour filtering and image type options in internet search

Version 11.0 (June 2016)
– If you’ve got images or text on your clipboard you can paste them directly into your photo book
– Images you’ve used as backgrounds can be converted to images on the page
– All assets, like clip art, are now displayed in one place
– The application menu and list of recent albums has been updated
– Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 10.0 (May 2016)
– Add maps and routes to your photo book with Google Maps
– Quickly change a background image into a normal photo using right-click
– Easily flip an image, horizontally and vertically, using right-click.
– General bug fixes and improvements

Version 9.2 (April 2016)
New: add text masks to any text in your project.
– Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 9.1 (February 2016)
– Bug fixes and general improvements
– We’ve added more than 1,000 new backgrounds, frames, masks and clip arts to the creator tool. Read more
Version 9.0 (November 2015)
New: add photos from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Picasa. Read more
Improved: Windows 10 compatibility
– Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 8.2 (May 2015)
New: search and use images from the internet. Read more
New: recently edited products are shown in the start screen. Read more
New: add text symbols in text fields.
Improved: the display and download of available design options. Read more
Improved: visibility of ‘my layouts’. Read more
Improved: print resolution (increased to 300 DPI).
– Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 8.1.5  (January 2015)
– Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 8.1 (May 2014)
– Full support for displays with high DPI. Read more
– The “Storyboard” tab has disappeared from the Ribbon. There’s a new ‘Go to the storyboard’ button on the left in the photo gallery. Read more
– A new photo book is now empty by default (without photo placeholders). You can change this setting via “Options> Settings> General”. Read more
– It’s now possible to sort photos based on orientation and by 3 different date options. Read more
– Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 8.0 (October 2013)
– Automatic image optimization is improved. Read more
– Now possible to add text with transparency and shadow. Read more
– Now possible to change (front/rear) position of text. Read more
– Automatic filling is improved. Read more
– Clearer view of the crease in your book. Read more
– Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 7.5 (May 2013)
– Automatically fill your book using the storyboard.
– Add shadow without shrinking photos.
– Photo Frame rotation has improved.
– It’s possible to save the layout of your cover photo.
– ‘Google Images’ tab has been removed.
– Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 7.4 (October 2012)
– Rotate text
– Rotate photos without shrinking photos
– Ability to mark formatting favourites
– Tab ‘Selection’ removed in gallery
– Page layouts improved by automatically filling
– Saving page layouts made clearer and simpler
– Adding new pages improved
– New button: ‘Align to Grid’
– Bug fixes and general improvements

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