Finish options for wall art

Different images suit different finishes, which is why at bonusprint we’ve got something for everyone. Whether you want a canvas print or an acrylic, aluminium or mounted piece of wall art our guide below will help you decide which is the best finish for you.

  • Choose a stylish finish for your wall art
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  • Quick and easy to order online

Create your wall art with text

Wall Art – what are your options?

When you’re creating your bonusprint wall art, no matter what you’re printing on, there are several stylish options in terms of finish to choose from. Whether you’re looking for fun or luxury, all of the finishes with bonusprint wall art are premium quality. Each wall art material will give you a different look. Our acrylic prints, for example, are a favourite with photographers and have vivid colours are finished in gloss; aluminium, which is great for black and white images, has a semi-gloss finish and mounted prints, which are perfect for clear, intense portraits have a matt finish. Canvas prints have razor-sharp detail.

Finish at the start

To help you choose which finish to opt for with your bonusprint wall art, we’ve created a quick list to check for how your photos will come out with each option.

  • Acrylic prints – sophisticated, premium and modern. Images have a beautiful shine (photographers favourite).
  • Aluminium prints – elegant, stylish and contemporary (great for black and white images).
  • Mounted prints – a cool and trendy look with a luxury feel.
  • Canvas prints – gives your photos an elegant and warm look.

This should help you start to think which finish works best with your bonusprint project.

Get that art on your walls

Now you’ve read the benefits of each finish does, you just need to decide which one suits your photos best and get creating! To order your beautiful bonusprint wall art couldn’t be easier – just choose the finish you’d like here, then choose your size and format and you’ll be taken straight to the bonusprint online editor, where you can upload your photos and get creative. It’s as easy as that! Beautiful, unique, personalised wall art in an instant.